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Attorney Phil Brust of, The Law Offices of Phil Brust, located in Houston Texas, has years of experience representing clients in all areas of family law. We are able to help you anywhere in the state of Texas or can recommend an experienced family lawyer in your area.

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The Law Offices of Phil Brust have distinguished itself from other law firms through a high level of hands-on attentiveness to our clients' legal and personal needs. We remedy our clients' tribulations as if they were our own.

Legal counsel can aid you in making the right choices during a Texas divorce.
Spousal Support/ Maintenance
Consult an attorney to ensure that no one takes advantage of you and your situation.
Child Custody
is often complicated, but knowledgeable and experienced counsel can help.
Child Support
Ensure your children are adequately provided for. Learn more here.
Possession Rights
In Texas, child custody is governed by a complex set of laws.
Experienced legal counsel can greatly increase efficiency and expedite the time consuming adoption process.
Guardianship is a court order that places the property, finances, and wellbeing of one person into the hands of another entity.
Protective Orders
Don't risk harassment. Protective orders are effective deterrents from harassment.
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